Thriller Book Box

Treat Yourself to a Thriller Book Box

If you’re looking for a killer thriller book box to treat yourself to, then you’ll want to check out some of the options for our thriller book boxes.

February TBL Box

Our Thriller Book Lover Box includes highly rated, new thriller books and cute bookish items. You can shop from previous month boxes or check out our latest February Thriller Book Lover Box, which includes:

Serial Killer Box

Another fun option is our Serial Killer Box. One of the book options for this Thriller Theme Box is My Sister the Serial Killer, which has been highly rated by our review team (see reviews below).

At Thriller Book Lover, you can also completely customize a thriller book box with items from our website. If you’re interested in a completely custom box, let us know by filling out a submission form on our contact us page. Our team will give you a quote based on your specific requirements.

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