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Writer Box



Get motivated to tell your story with our new Writer Box! This box includes: 

  • Great Stories Don’t Write Themselves by Larry Brooks (see below for book summary and details)
  • Writer Lipgloss (vegan and cruelty-free)
  • Thriller Book Lover Notebook
  • Tutti Frutti Scented Gel Pens – Set of 6 by Ooly


Great Stories Don’t Write Themselves, Book Summary:

One of the most common questions new writers ask professionals is how they wrote their book—what was their process for storytelling? Did they use an outline to plan the book, or write it from the seat of their pants? But really the question should be about the general principles and nature of storycraft—does every part of a story have what it needs to keep readers turning the pages?

Bestselling author and creator of StoryFix.com Larry Brooks changes the sound of the writing conversation by introducing a series of detailed criteria for novelists of every level and genre to refer to while writing, regardless of their preferred writing method. Beginning with the broadest part of the story, the early checklists help writers to ensure that their novel is based on a premise rather than an idea, and gradually hones in on other elements to keep the story moving forward including:

· dramatic tension
· narrative strategy
· scene construction

Readers won’t know or care about the process. But what Brooks offers here is a chance for readers to make the most of whichever process they choose, and in doing so cut years off their learning curve.


Condition: New

Paperback, Published November 5, 2019 by Writer’s Digest

ISBN: 1440300852


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