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The Woman Who Went Overboard by Florence Wetzel

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Book Summary

A psychological thriller about a Swedish-American woman who becomes obsessed by a Norwegian widower during a cruise along the coast of Norway.

Agnes Andersson is an awkward middle-aged woman who desperately wants a husband. And what better place to find one than on a cruise along the coast of Norway? During the
voyage Agnes meets her ideal man, a handsome Norwegian widower named Einar. The only problem is that Einar prefers Pamela–Agnes’ new best friend.

When Pamela’s body washes ashore almost a year later, her daughter visits Agnes to ask questions about the cruise. Their conversation becomes a cat-and-mouse game where Agnes bends the facts to avoid revealing the truth about Pamela’s disappearance and death.

A psychological thriller set in the cozy atmosphere of a cruise ship, The Woman Who Went Overboard is a story of romantic obsession, and a haunting tale of how far one woman will go to get the man of her dreams.


Thriller Book Lover Bestseller 2020

Condition: New

Paperback, Published April 28, 2020 by Books On Demand

ISBN: 917969408X




2 reviews for The Woman Who Went Overboard by Florence Wetzel

  1. KC

    The Woman Who Went Overboard and I loved it! This was such a fun thriller. I loved the main character Agnes she was a cat sweater wearing piece of work, but she cracked me up. She was just the perfect level of crazy.

    The scenery was gorgeous taking place mostly on a cruise along the coast of Norway. Pretty early we find out one of the characters goes overboard, the rest of the book we find out how it happened along with the aftermath.

    This was the perfect book to escape Covid home life. Perfect if you like vacation gone wrong books, books that take place overseas, and slow burn mysteries. Definitely add this one to your list, it’s a fun one!

  2. Olivia F.

    I love obsessive thrillers, and so this book by Florence Wetzel totally worked for me! I loved how this book took place during a cruise along the coast of Norway. I don’t travel out of the U.S. much, and so it was nice to experience that kind of setting in this wonderful book. If you’re a fan of obsessive thrillers, then I think you should totally check this one out.

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