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The Vacation by T.M. Logan

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It was supposed to be the perfect getaway: Kate and her three best friends, spending a week with their families in a luxurious villa in the south of France. Through the decades they’ve stayed closer than ever, and seven days of drinking crisp French wine and laying out under the dazzling Mediterranean sun is the perfect celebration of their friendship. But soon after arriving, Kate discovers an incriminating text on her husband’s cell phone.

A text revealing that he’s having an affair.

And that the other woman is one of her best friends.

But which one?

Trapped in paradise with no one to trust, Kate is determined to find out who has put her marriage—and a lifelong friendship—in jeopardy. But as she closes in on the truth, she realizes that the stakes are higher than she ever imagined. Everyone on the trip has secrets…and someone may be prepared to kill to keep theirs hidden.


Condition: New

Hardcover, Published July 21, 2020 by St. Martin’s Press

ISBN: 9781250270771


1 review for The Vacation by T.M. Logan

  1. Gillian

    Like many of us right now, I would love to go on vacation, but, sorry T.M.Logan, you are definitely not invited!

    This is a real sizzler of a book. Four women who have known each other since college days go on vacation with their families to a luxury villa in France, which turns out to be anything but paradise.

    The tale is told predominantly from the perspective of Kate. It seems obvious from the outset that her husband is having an affair with one of her friends, each of whom Kate has reason to doubt. Wrestling with the web of deception woven by her husband, Kate is also aware that all is not well with the families’ children, but what exactly has been going on?

    I was drawn into this from the first page, feeling saddened for Kate and the awkward situation in which she found herself. The characters, in the main, were easy to relate to, but I could not abide Jennifer and her simpering attitude towards her unruly boys. I felt for poor Daniel, Kate’s son, and his desire to befriend the teenagers, who epitomized playground bullies and clearly did not have his best interests at heart.

    I had so many theories about the affair and other elements of the backstory but I was not at all prepared for the shock that punched me in the gut in its final chapters, even letting out an involuntary yelp as the book came to its fruition. To say any more would spoil it but I give this thriller two thumbs up for anyone who loves a family suspense saga.

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