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The Sandman by Lars Kepler

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Book Summary

An emaciated young man is found wandering on a train track outside of the city. Thirteen years earlier, he and his sister went missing, presumed to be victims of notorious serial killer Jurek Walter. He is now serving a life sentence in a maximum-security psychiatric hospital.

The only way to save the boy’s sister is to get Jurek to reveal his secrets. Now Detectives Joona Linna and Saga Bauer will have to go deep undercover and beat Jurek at his own game before it’s too late.


Condition: New

Paperback, Published January 8, 2019 by Penguin Random House

ISBN: 9780525433057

1 review for The Sandman by Lars Kepler

  1. Chandra

    Fast paced and wickedly delicious. A must read for any thriller lover!

    The synopsis alone drew me in right away. Undercover in a psychiatric ward? Yes please! This book is just flat out fantastic. With multiple perspectives, the authors bring you right into the middle of this fiendish operation. Thirteen years and going strong, somehow Jurek still manages to terrorize his victims and their families. Uff, my beating heart and my soft spot for a truly villainous antagonist.

    While the hardcover looks like a monster, do not let the size intimidate you. These are all 2-3 page chapters and it reads FAST. These types of chapters are always a hit for me.. and ingenious. Ok – just a couple more pages… a couple more… a couple more… next thing you know I’m an hour late to my friend’s birthday dinner. Oops! 😈

    This storyline just sinks its teeth right into you, growls and dares you to try and get away. Addicting and consuming, you will NOT want to put this down. My favorite character? Saga. This woman. BAD ASS. Prodigy or not, going undercover to go face to face with a known serial killer takes a lot of … well it just takes a lot OF!

    This is the fourth book in the Joona Linna series. If you’re like me and like to read series books in order, do NOT let this deter you…. it reads like a standalone and you won’t feel lost in any way.

    I could go on and on about this book but what I’ll do instead is just tell you to buy it, borrow it, pick it up. Set aside a few hours and strap yourself in (safety first!). This is a ride you’re going to want to be on.
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