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The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald

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Book Summary

They said it was an accident
In the small hours of the morning, Abi is startled awake by a phone call and learns that her teenage daughter Olivia has fallen off a bridge. Not only is Olivia brain dead, she’s pregnant and must remain on life support to keep her baby alive. And then Abi sees the bruises circling Olivia’s wrists.

Her mother knows they’re lying.
When the police rule Olivia’s fall an accident, Abi decides to find out what really happened. Was Olivia’s fall an accident? Or something far more sinister?

A domestic suspense novel set around Puget Sound’s coast in Washington State, The Night Olivia Fell asks how well we ever really know our children, weaving together a story of family secrets and devastating lies.


Condition: New

Paperback, Published February 5, 2019 by Gallery Books

ISBN: 1501184008



2 reviews for The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald

  1. Chandra

    I’m not a mother so I can only imagine what it would feel like to find out that your only child fell of a bridge, is pregnant (surprise!) and the police aren’t doing a very good job at trying to find out if this was an accident or not.

    Teeter tottering between Abi’s (the mom) perspective and Olivia’s (the daughter), we see the struggles Abi goes through as she realizes everything she did to try and protect Olivia couldn’t protect her from this. We also see how Olivia deals with the normal teen angst of peer pressure, mean girls, first loves.. the whole gamut. Because half of the book was devoted to her perspective, at times this definitely felt like a YA read, which was absolutely ok for me! Mostly predictable, I didn’t realize how invested I was until that ending came. Anyone reading knows where this road eventually leaves, I was just surprised how much it actually impacted me and this is where the book really shines. Kudos to McDonald for bringing that much emotion to that scene.

    Secrets never stay secrets… that’s just the way life goes. Sometimes those secrets can be deadly – never underestimate the anger of a teenager, the depth of a mother’s love or a person’s ability to do whatever they have to in order to protect whatever part of their life they feel is most important.
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  2. KC

    This is my favorite book from Christina McDonald, and was one of my favorite reads of 2019. WOW this one will leave you speechless and possibly in tears. It is amazing, please give this one a shot!

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