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The Murder List by Hank Phillippi Ryan

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Book Summary

Law student Rachel North will tell you, without hesitation, what she knows to be true. She’s smart, she’s a hard worker, she does the right thing, she’s successfully married to a faithful and devoted husband, a lion of Boston’s defense bar, and her internship with the Boston DA’s office is her ticket to a successful future.

Problem is–she’s wrong.

And in this cat and mouse game–the battle for justice becomes a battle for survival.


Condition: Like New

Hardcover, Published August 20, 2019 by Forge Books

ISBN: 9781250197214

1 review for The Murder List by Hank Phillippi Ryan

  1. Amy

    I was so excited to read this one and the story was really good but the problem with this book was the narrative structure for me. I’m usually all for alternating storylines, when they are done “right”. I like when you are being told when the story lines are alternating, like every other chapter, or at least letting us know “past” or “present.” Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case here. It was random, within a chapter and you kind of just had to figure it out. This will always mess up the flow of a book for me. I know it doesn’t for most people but unfortunately for me, it does. Enough of me complaining though. What I did love about this book was the actual story line. Even though I’m not a law student, the way the author describes the lawyer procedure; it was easy to understand and she made it very interesting! That was what made me want to finish the book, even with my frustrations with the structure of it, I still really enjoyed it!

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