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The Kingdom by Jo Nesbø

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Book Summary

Two brothers. One small town. A lifetime of dark secrets.

A tense and atmospheric standalone thriller from best-selling author Jo Nesbø.

Roy has never left the quiet mountain town he grew up in, unlike his little brother Carl who couldn’t wait to get out and escape his troubled past. Just like everyone else in town, Roy believed Carl was gone for good. But Carl has big plans for his hometown. And when he returns with a mysterious new wife and a business opportunity that seems too good to be true, simmering tensions begin to surface and unexplained deaths in the town’s past come under new scrutiny. Soon powerful players set their sights on taking the brothers down by exposing their role in the town’s sordid history.

But Roy and Carl are survivors, and no strangers to violence. Roy has always protected his younger brother. As the body count rises, though, Roy’s loyalty to family is tested. And then Roy finds himself inextricably drawn to Carl’s wife, Shannon, an attraction that will have devastating consequences. Roy’s world is coming apart and soon there will be no turning back. He’ll be forced to choose between his own flesh and blood and a future he had never dared to believe possible.



Condition: New

Hardcover, Published November 10, 2020 by Knopf

ISBN: 978-0525655411


1 review for The Kingdom by Jo Nesbø

  1. Olivia F. (verified owner)

    Based on the book summary, I did not expect to enjoy this one as much as I did. I tend to gravitate more toward books with a female protagonist, as I feel like I can usually relate more to the main character. However, this book took me by surprise, and I was so invested in the story and found myself easily picking it back up to keep reading. I’ve read several Jo Nesbo books before, and this new stand alone novel of his has become one of my favorites. This is a slow burn, character-driven thriller, with quite a bit of family drama. I enjoyed the characters in this book (especially Roy), although they all definitely had their flaws. Overall, I’d totally recommend this novel to readers who don’t mind reading slower paced thrillers. I’d also recommend it to Jo Nesbo fans, even though it is a different type of book compared to his popular book series.

    (FYI: This book touches on sensitive topics such as rape.)

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