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The Good Lie by A.R. Torre

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Book Summary

Six teens murdered. A suspect behind bars. A desperate father. In a case this shadowy, the truth is easy to hide.

Psychiatrist Dr. Gwen Moore is an expert on killers. She’s spent a decade treating California’s most depraved predators and unlocking their motives―predators much like the notorious Bloody Heart serial killer, whose latest teenage victim escaped and then identified local high school teacher Randall Thompson as his captor. The case against Thompson as the Bloody Heart Killer is damning―and closed, as far as Gwen and the media are concerned. If not for one new development…

Defense attorney Robert Kavin is a still-traumatized father whose own son fell prey to the BH Killer. Convinced of Thompson’s innocence, he steps in to represent him. Now Robert wants Gwen to interview the accused, create a psych profile of the killer and his victims, and help clear his client’s name.

As Gwen and Robert grow closer and she dives deeper into the investigation, grave questions arise. So does Gwen’s suspicion that Robert is hiding something―and that he might not be the only one with a secret.


Condition: New

Paperback, Published July 20, 2021 by Thomas & Mercer

ISBN: 1542020166


1 review for The Good Lie by A.R. Torre

  1. Chandra

    My second Torre novel (though admittedly I still have her Deanna Madden series on my kindle that I swear I’ll get to in the very near future-ish!)… and I knew I should’ve listened to Jessica ages ago about picking this author up. Torre delivers Dr. Gwen Moore, a psychiatrist specialized in the most depraved of killers, and Mr. Robert Kavin, a defense attorney whose son was killed by a serial killer but doesn’t believe the person who confessed is actually guilty. Um, what the what?! YESSSSSSSSSSSS. Sold. TAKE. MY. MONEY.
    I’m fascinated with the human mind and considered criminal psychology in college (among the many other majors I considered but let’s not go there….). My insane fascination with serial killers and what drives a human to take another’s life… it seemed destined. But PHEW, Dr. Moore… I don’t know if I could do her job at the end of the day. And certainly, Kavin shouldn’t be involved in this case/investigation – definitely too close to it. As a matter of fact, there were a number of weirdly unprofessional things happening… though subtly which felt odd throughout the read.

    The volleying between Moore and Kavin was genius. As they size up everyone around them, they also size each other up in the process. They felt very human too. Torre has a way of bringing characters to life where they are extremely relatable and this is how you end up being fully engaged in the story. With THE GOOD LIE, this popcorn of a thriller read will keep you entertained. Prepare to suspend a little belief but believe the journey is worth it.
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