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The #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Turn of the Key and In a Dark Dark Wood returns with another suspenseful thriller set on a snow-covered mountain.

Getting snowed in at a luxurious, rustic ski chalet high in the French Alps doesn’t sound like the worst problem in the world. Especially when there’s a breathtaking vista, a full-service chef and housekeeper, a cozy fire to keep you warm, and others to keep you company. Unless that company happens to be eight coworkers…each with something to gain, something to lose, and something to hide.

When the cofounder of Snoop, a trendy London-based tech startup, organizes a weeklong trip for the team in the French Alps, it starts out as a corporate retreat like any other: PowerPoint presentations and strategy sessions broken up by mandatory bonding on the slopes. But as soon as one shareholder upends the agenda by pushing a lucrative but contentious buyout offer, tensions simmer and loyalties are tested. The storm brewing inside the chalet is no match for the one outside, however, and a devastating avalanche leaves the group cut off from all access to the outside world. Even worse, one Snooper hadn’t made it back from the slopes when the avalanche hit.

As each hour passes without any sign of rescue, panic mounts, the chalet grows colder, and the group dwindles further…one by one.


Condition: New

Hardcover, Published September 8, 2020 by Gallery/Scout Press

ISBN: 9781501188817


2 reviews for One by One by Ruth Ware

  1. Kaylie

    Ruth Ware’s latest novel, One by One, is a who-done-it thriller set in a remote chalet at a French ski resort. Liz used to be part of Snoop, London’s latest tech start-up, and has no desire to be joining her old team on this all expenses paid trip. Erin is the housekeeper at the resort and has the opportunity to listen in on Snoop’s retreat. What no one is expecting is an avalanche to strike leaving the group stranded and four group members meeting their untimely end.

    Ware has written One by One from the perspective of both Liz and Erin. While Ware starts each chapter with either Liz or Erin being named the narrator, their voices are so similar that it can be easy to forget who’s point-of-view the reader is reading. There were times where I had to stop and look back to see who was the narrator because they were almost indistinguishable. There are also quite a few characters that are introduced so it’s important to pay attention to the beginning of the novel to remember who is who.

    One by One was predictable and overall just okay. There are some issues with continuity as some parts of the plot were repeated to the reader when switching narrators, which sometimes left the reader wondering if they opened the book up in the wrong spot. There are also a lot of sayings repeated throughout One by One and it becomes boring. Ware has some redundancy in her writing where she doesn’t connect the dots to the main plot, this leaves the reader wondering why it was even included in the overall plot. One by One, while it was in a completely different place with different characters, felt very very similar to In a Dark Dark Wood. Readers looking for an easy, quick read will enjoy this story. While it had some aspects to it that could be improved upon, it was entertaining.

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  2. KC

    I’ve mentioned before that Ruth Ware is hit or miss for me, but still definitely an auto buy author. With my favorite being The Turn of The Key. I was really excited to receive this one, and to see if I liked her newest one as much as her last one.

    I am happy to report this was a hit for me! And now my second favorite Ruth Ware book. This is one of those mysteries reminiscent of And Then There Were None. She did an excellent job of grabbing my attention in the beginning and kept me flipping pages to find out what was going on. This story is told in alternating chapters through a hotel guest and a hotel worker. There were a lot of characters, but I didn’t find them hard to keep track of. Her atmosphere in this book was amazing, transporting me from the summer heat to a cold mountain chalet.

    If this is one you been thinking about, I highly recommend picking it up!

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