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Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

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Book Summary

In this smart and chilling thriller, master of suspense Mary Kubica takes domestic secrets to a whole new level, showing that some people will stop at nothing to keep the truth buried.

People don’t just disappear without a trace…

Shelby Tebow is the first to go missing. Not long after, Meredith Dickey and her six-year-old daughter, Delilah, vanish just blocks away from where Shelby was last seen, striking fear into their once-peaceful community. Are these incidents connected? After an elusive search that yields more questions than answers, the case eventually goes cold.

Now, eleven years later, Delilah shockingly returns. Everyone wants to know what happened to her, but no one is prepared for what they’ll find…


Condition: New

Hardcover, Published May 18, 2021 by Park Row Books

ISBN: 0778389448

2 reviews for Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

  1. Amy (verified owner)

    This was only my second book by this author and man, she doesn’t disappoint! From the first chapter I was hooked and my interest in the story stayed throughout the whole book. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough because I needed to know if my suspicions were right and they actually weren’t for the most part! I really think the mutilple povs and two timelines worked for this book and I think most thriller lovers are in for a treat!

  2. Chandra

    My 7th Kubica book and goodness do I just love her! Her latest, Local Woman Missing, is a complex thriller that proves to me that small communities and knowing your neighbors are not great things… again. 🤣 The opening is a banger. I was instantly hooked. GIMME GIMME! We get several POVs throughout the read and two timelines. I always love seeing how the timelines come together and seeing the story through different sets of eyes. Neighbors, wives, sons, husbands, lovers, kidnappings, murders, irreparable decision making…. it’s all here, folks.

    After the banger opening, it continued to hook me but I did get a little bit bored in the middle. This could be just from being so busy this week that I didn’t get to one-sit read like I normally would. But damn, those last few chapters… I had suspicions and was right about one of them. The rest were complete surprises. Somehow they didn’t hit me as hard as I thought they would but hell, I do love a good surprise twist or two. I also feel like I still needed answers on a couple of things that got pushed aside but nothing that impaired the storyline by any means.

    Listen, if you are a thriller lover and haven’t read Kubica yet, you’re missing out. Extremely talented, all of the books I’ve read by her are super fun to read. She pulls you right into her pages and keeps you on your toes. My favorite is still Every Little Lie but you really can’t go wrong with any of them.
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