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Little Threats by Emily Schultz

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Book Summary

Both a taut whodunit and a haunting snapshot of the effects of a violent crime, Little Threats tells the story of a woman who served fifteen years in prison for murder…and now it’s time to find out if she’s guilty.

In the summer of 1993, twin sisters Kennedy and Carter Wynn are embracing the grunge era and testing every limit in their privileged Richmond suburb. But Kennedy’s teenage rebellion goes too far when, after a night of partying in the woods, her best friend, Haley, is murdered, and suspicion quickly falls upon Kennedy. She can’t remember anything about the night in question, and this, along with the damning testimony from a college boy who both Kennedy and Haley loved, is enough to force Kennedy to enter a guilty plea.

In 2008, Kennedy is released into a world that has moved on without her. Carter has grown distant as she questions Kennedy’s innocence, and begins a relationship with someone who could drive the sisters apart forever. The twins’ father, Gerry, is eager to protect the family’s secrets and fragile bonds. But Kennedy’s return brings the tragedy back to the surface, along with a whole new wave of media. When a crime show host comes to town asking questions, believing the murder wasn’t as simple as it seemed, murky memories of Haley’s death come to light. As new suspects emerge and the suburban woods finally give up their secrets, two families may be destroyed again.


Condition: New

Paperback, Published November 10, 2020 by Penguin Random House

ISBN: 9780593086995



1 review for Little Threats by Emily Schultz

  1. Amy

    Little Threats was just a basic thriller for me. It feels like I’m the grinch of reading these lately but I think I’m just more picky on what makes it unputdownable for me. I prefer fast paced, with a good twist or two, and maybe something that keeps me guessing. This book just wasn’t that for me. It was more of a slow paced family drama with a little mystery. I did enjoy it overall and I think most others will too!

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