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Find You in the Dark by Nathan Ripley

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Book Summary

For years, unbeknownst to his wife and teenage daughter, Martin Reese has been illegally buying police files on serial killers and obsessively studying them, using them as guides to find the missing bodies of victims. He doesn’t take any souvenirs, just photos that he stores in an old laptop, and then he turns in the results anonymously. Martin sees his work as a public service, a righting of wrongs.

Detective Sandra Whittal sees the situation differently. On a meteoric rise in police ranks due to her case-closing efficiency, Whittal is suspicious of the mysterious source she calls the Finder, especially since he keeps leading the police right to the bodies. How can he know where all these bodies are located if he’s not the one putting them there?

On his latest dig, Martin searches for the first kill of Jason Shurn, the early 1990s murderer who may have been responsible for the disappearance of his wife’s sister. But when he arrives at the site, he finds more than just bones. There’s a freshly killed body—a young and missing Seattle woman—lying there. Someone else knew where Jason Shurn left the corpses of his victims…and that someone isn’t happy that Martin has been going around digging up his work. And when a crooked cop with a tenuous tie to Martin vanishes, Whittal begins to zero in on the Finder.


Condition: Like New (may contain a publisher extra mark)

Paperback, Published May 21, 2019 by Atria Books

ISBN: 9781501178214

1 review for Find You in the Dark by Nathan Ripley

  1. Chandra

    3.5 stars
    This is a slow burn of a thriller featuring Martin – a man who clearly loves his family but you’re never sure if he’s on the right side of things entirely. A successful man who was able to stop working, have tons of money to put towards his own research of these dead bodies while consistently gone from his family was quite interesting. He had quite the understanding, yet frustrated wife and a precocious daughter, Kylie, that I truly found to be the highlight of this book. My favorite line by her: “Fuck You, Dad.” Haha – my sentiments exactly, girl!

    Here’s what I loved about this book – a man going against the law to try and do some good. Using his family and his wife’s peace of mind as the excuse to do what he does. While I do believe this was mostly the case, you know anyone with this type of obsession and the wherewithal to get things done… there’s something lying underneath. This is what kept me reading.

    What I didn’t particularly care about was the extremely slow burn… which ramps up at the end to an almost too fast of a conclusion that was wrapped up a bit too neatly for my taste. Almost. The last 20% certainly did keep my attention and to be honest, I started to like Martin a little bit more towards the end.

    A solid thriller that I did feel was worth getting through the slow burn for. I can see good things coming from this author. While this is touted as a debut thriller, we know this is a pseudonym with other published works under both names. I’m definitely curious where he goes from here.
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