Thriller Book Lover is now accepting applications for those interested in becoming an official Thriller Book Lover Reviewer. This position is ideal for active book bloggers who enjoy thriller, mystery, suspense, and crime fiction books.


We understand the time and effort that goes into book blogging, and we believe book bloggers should receive compensation for their work. At this time, we are looking to hire 3-5 active book bloggers for a paid book reviewing position. In addition to compensation for your honest book reviews on the Thriller Book Lover website, you will also be eligible to receive up to one free book each month.

What we are looking for:

  • Book bloggers who enjoy reading the thriller genre (mystery, suspense, supernatural, domestic thrillers, etc.)
  • Honest, in-depth reviews: As much as we love seeing authors get 5-star reviews for their books, we would prefer reviewers to rate a book based on their honest opinion. For example, if you thought it was a one-star book, we would want you to rate it as such and specify in the review description section why you gave it that rating. Our goal is to make it so that these honest reviews help make it easier for our Thriller Book Lovers’ community to discover and decide on new books to read.

If this sounds like a role you’d be interested in, please fill out the form below. If your application is selected, our team will contact you by email within 7 days of your submission.

We truly wish we could hire everyone who applies. If you do not receive an application acceptance email from us, it is not because we did not want to hire you, but that we only have a small number of positions available for this role. If you do not get selected during this round, we will have more opportunities available again in the future for book bloggers to reapply.